(version 2019.04)
• Fixes bug with wizard detecting split spent streams correctly

folder Isocalc™ Downloads

default Isocalc™ (version 2019.04)

Download (exe, 19.42 MB)


  • Fixes bug with wizard detecting split spent streams correctly

default Isocalc™ (version 2019.03)

Download (exe, 18.83 MB)


  • Enabled split spent streams (1 split);
  • Bug fixes

default Isocalc™ (version 2017.06) Popular

Download (exe, 18.76 MB)


  • Updated wizard & report to correctly handle various split-organic scenarios;
  • Corrected issue where some saved files wouldn’t load;
  • Other minor tweaks

default Isocalc™ (version 2017.04) Popular

Download (exe, 18.76 MB)


  • Bug-fix: corrected load error that occurs for some Isocalc files

default Isocalc™ (version 2017.03) Popular

Download (exe, 18.76 MB)


  • Bug-fix release corrected loading issue related to Excel module

default Isocalc™ (version 2017.02) Popular

Download (exe, 18.70 MB)


  • Added disclaimer to report
  • Added more templates
  • Various bug fixes

archive Isocalc™ (version 2016.01) Popular

Download (exe, 17.65 MB)


• Can now plot chemical isotherms with lab isotherms for comparison
• Can now specify spent flow rate or advance target concentration
• PLS acid concentration are now shown
• A number of minor fixes

pdf Using Isocalc Popular

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Using Isocalc.pdf

pdf How to Register Isocalc Popular

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How to Register Isocalc.pdf