Cycad Process®

(version 2021.04)

This is minor release where a bug with the items selection for the flowsheet table and mass balance report were not completely split

  • Flowsheet table updates when the balance is loaded
  • Infrastructure upgrades continue in the background.
  • Lots of progress on shifting to our new ‘PFD’ process units. Many more units added. There are a number of improvements associated with these process units and we recommend using them for new balances. Please let us know if you need a unit that we’ve missed.
  • Updated stream grids to be more usable.
  • Formatting of flowsheet table improved.
  • Fixed a long-standing bug where reactions specified in the heat exchanger units weren’t calculated, they do now.
  • Added the designer ID to error messages to make identifying/resolving designer issues easier.
  • Fixed a bug in 2020.x version from correctly calculating shrinking particle/core models. (Please contact CMS for assistance should you wish to model with SPM/SCM).
  • Revised calculation strategy around condenser to be more consistent.
  • Fixed a bug where some reports crash if the user hasn’t specified the section name.
  • A host of (not so-)minor improvements and tweaks.

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