• Cycad Process® can and has been used to model most processes in mineral industries
    • Hydrometallurgical
    • Pyrometallurgical
    • Ore dressing and minerals processing


  • Full graphical interface conforming to typical Windows standards
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Extensive library of process units
  • Properties entered through an intuitive Properties Viewer
  • Ability to layer elements within a document
  • Easy multi-page navigation

Steady-state simulations:

  • Sequential modular approach to simulations
  • Intelligent, automatic calculation of recycle streams to minimize solution time
  • No ordering of the process units required


  • Large library of calculation based on published solution methods
  • Energy balance integrated with all calculations
  • Direct correspondence between the plant, the simulations diagrams and the calculations

Component data:

  • Extensive component database with physical and basic thermodynamic data
  • Can easily add user-specified components
  • Can export and import components from other Cycad Process® projects


  • Can script your own process unit
  • Uses C# language for scripting
  • Can access many internal functions/methods
  • Can reference all properties of input streams and the unit

Extensive reaction options available:

  • Extent/conversion-based reactions
  • Rate-based (liquid or gas phases)
  • Gas mass transfer
  • Shrinking particle/core models
  • 2D-shrinking core model

Particle size distributions:

  • Cycad Process® can track and calculate the changes in particle sizes in processes such as milling and leaching


  • Designers are used to target process unit outputs and sometimes referred to as ‘controllers’
  • Unit-specific and flowsheet (general) designers are available
  • Many solver methods available for both sets of designers – Bisection, Secant, Ridders, Brent (default)


  • Engineering quality drawings
    • Block flow diagrams
    • Process flow diagrams
    • P&I diagrams currently under development
  • Easily include and update mass balance table on diagrams
  • Easily include and update equipment table on diagrams
  • A number of reports are available
    • Detailed mass balance
    • Production and reagents
    • Water balance
    • Mass balance design criteria
    • Equipment (including pumps/valves) list
    • Separate valve, pump and line lists currently under development
  • Export
    • Can export all reports to Microsoft Excel
    • Can export diagrams to JPEG, BMP files


  • Comparing results between different versions or calculations can be difficult and time consuming for even a relatively small balance. Cycad Process® has a ‘Compare Cases’ function

Parameter estimation:

  • Uses Levenberg–Marquardt algorithm to fit parameters
  • Can be used to fit most process unit parameters using measured data

Dynamic simulations:

  • Dynamic processes can be simulated, such a as the batch distillation of ruthenium
  • Dynamic simulations currently undergoing a large re-write – contact CM Solutions should you wish to perform these simulations