Bespoke Cycad Process product
only for BASF clients

(version 2020.01b)
• Added split spent support to wizard/report;
• Added total SO4 estimator to wizard;
• Added option to export Isocalc report to Excel;
• Added formatting to data export;
• Increased font size on flowsheet table;
• Organic net transfer & copper transfer calcs extended to handle more exotic templates; and,
• Additional minor tweaks.

• Calculation of mass and energy balances
 • Equipment-based calculations
 • Large library of equipment calculation routines
 • Direct correspondence between the plant, the simulation diagrams and the calculations
 • Database of thousands of components
 • Energy balance is integrated within the specifications of each piece of equipment
 • No ordering of equipment required
 • Automatic calculation of recycles

 • Full graphical user interface conforming to Windows standards
 • Drag-and-drop interface
 • Library of process equipment
 • Properties entered through an intuitive Properties Viewer

• Export worksheets to Microsoft Excel
 • Export diagrams to JPEG, BMP files