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When are particle size distributions toxic for leaching? Popular


Cycad Process 3 When are particle size distributions toxic for leaching v3 1Assessing the causes of poor performance using Cycad Process can yield major benefits. In this case, improving the recovery from 91% to 94% restored significant value to the operation. For this nickel producer, whose annual production exceeded 10 ktpa, this amounted to at least USD 9 million.

Cycad Process Modelling => Performance => Profit

Changes upstream can have subtle effects on downstream performance. In an assignment, consultants were teamed with on-site metallurgists to determine why the autoclave leach was not performing as it normally did. The conversion of nickel had dropped by between 3 to 5%, which had negative implications for both nickel production and downstream processing.
The team was given management support to investigate this as thoroughly as possible. DOWNLOAD TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE...

Can equipment configurations yield benefits without additional costs? Popular


Cycad flyer 2 v3 1Installing equipment in the most optimal configuration can yield benefits without additional expenses. In this case, improving the recovery from 91% to 94% directly improves top-line revenue and reduces costs of processing residues. For this nickel producer, who had with an annual production more than 10 ktpa, this can amount to at least USD 9 million.

Good configuration => More Profit

Knowing where the bottlenecks are, and how to overcome them is one of the most important aspects of being able to get the most from a metallurgical operation. Detailed models of the unit operations can assist, and that’s where Cycad Process helps. In planning for the future projections of the mine plan, plant management wanted to increase capacity. The capacity study was led by a team of consultants, who used Cycad Process to identify that the autoclave leach was one area that would limit an increase in capacity. DOWNLOAD TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE...

Surmounting production pressures in copper SX EW Popular


Cycad flyer 1 v7 1Simulation saves money

Less Impurities => More Profit

Production pressure vs operating challenges
As production pressures mount, metallurgical plants are often pushed beyond their design capacities. Physical separation plants, like crushing and milling circuits are‘push’ plants, the more you push through, the
better. However, hydrometallurgical plants do not respond in the same way – they are pull plants: operating conditions need to be correct from the product end. So, production pressures can be disastrous for a hydrometallurgical plant. DOWNLOAD TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE...