Cycad Process® is designed for ease-of-use to enable intuitive, comprehensive, and productive outputs.


Cycad Process® is structured so that you can easily draw the flowsheet, enter the required data, calculate the mass and energy balance, and compare results with those obtained previously. You produce process flow diagrams and the mass balance in the same step.

Cycad Process® provides a logical and intuitive way for you to draw the flow sheet and to enter the operating data. You draw the flowsheet in the page viewer by dragging and dropping icons of the process equipment from a process library onto the page. Process streams link equipment, and data is entered in the property viewer.


  • More than 200 icons for equipment
  • More than 9000 chemical components
  • No limit to streams, equipment, or pages in a project
  • Mineral processing, hydrometallurgy, pyrometallurgy


  • The calculation engine optimises the calculation sequence using a state-of-the-art optimization algorithm.
  • Results are automatically updated on the flowsheet in the mass balance table.
  • Results are presented in spreadsheet managers, which can be exported directly to Excel, graphs and diagrams.


Deliver meaningful outputs:

  • Process flow diagrams (or block flow diagrams)
  • Mass balance report
  • Equipment list
  • Line list
  • Reagents consumption report
  • Water balance
  • Element balance
  • Component balance.

The outputs from Cycad Process® are matched with these deliverables for your clients.