features1 05122022Outputs:

  • Produce high quality process flow diagrams
  • Update mass balance table on each process flowsheet automatically
  • Select variables to display on mass balance table on flowsheet
  • Create use variables that can be calculated from expressions and displayed in mass balance table.
  • Customize reports (mass balance, equipment list, line list, water balance, reagents…).


  • Interact using graphical user interface conforming to familiar Windows standards
  • Drag-and-drop equipment icons onto drawing page
  • Select from an extensive library of process units
  • Configure process unit using an intuitive Properties Viewer
  • Use layers for a drawing page
  • Layout flowsheet over easy multi-page navigation system


  • Deliver high quality drawings either as:
    • Block flow diagrams
    • Process flow diagrams
  • Easily include and update mass balance table on diagrams
  • Easily include and update equipment table on diagrams
  • Deliver customizable reports:
    • Mass balance
    • Production and reagents
    • Water balance
    • Mass balance design criteria
    • Equipment (including pumps/valves) list
    • Line lists
  • Export for use in other applications:
    • Export flowsheets to SVG, JPG, BMP etc
    • Export all reports to Microsoft Excel
    • Export graphs to JPEG, BMP files

Stream manager

  • Manage components in stream easily in the Stream Manager
  • Copy and paste values from Excel directly into stream manager
  • Examine data as individual streams, all streams at once or the inputs and outputs from a process unit

Steady-state simulations:

  • Enjoy sequential modular approach by running single units, groups of unit, pages or entire project
  • Reduce calculation time using optimized automatic selection of recycle loops
  • Reduce error through automatic numbering and ordering of the process units

features2 05122022Calculations:

  • Select from a large library of process units
  • Select energy balance model integrated within each process unit
  • Complement process units with generalized models, like phase splitter etc

Component data:

  • Select from more 9000 components in database of physical and thermodynamic data
  • Easily add User-Specified components
  • Export and import components from other Cycad Process® projects

Scenario analysis

  • Import scenarios from Excel and run project
  • Export results from scenario to Excel for further analysis and reporting

Extensive reaction options available:

  • Extent/conversion-based reactions
  • Rate-based (liquid or gas phases)
  • Gas mass transfer
  • Shrinking particle/core models

Milling and crushing:

  • Milling breakage curves
  • Crushing gradation curves.

features3 05122022Particle size distributions:

  • Use PSD Manager to configure and track particle size distributions
  • Calculate crushing and milling performance using breakage and gradation models.
  • Account for particle size distributions on reaction with shrinking-particle model


  • Target output streams from a process unit using designers
  • Select between Unit-specific and overall flowsheet designers
  • Select different solver methods for Designers


  • Compare results between different scenarios and models. Avoid time c consuming searches for differences by using the ‘Compare’ function.

Parameter estimation:

  • Fit parameters with the Levenberg–Marquardt algorithm
  • Fit most process unit parameters to measured data