A selection of projects that have been executed by the Cycad Process team for clients.


copper Copper

Solvent extraction electrowinning Prefeasibility, feasibility, construction and operation – Zambia
Leaching, solvent extraction electrowinning - Design – DRC
Roasting plant modelling – Zambia and DRC
Tailings reprocessing – UK company 

platinum Platinum
Base metal refinery – design and operation support, South Africa
Precious metal refinery – ruthenium distillation, South Africa
Precious metal refinery – novel process development, South Africa
Precious metal refinery – prefeasibility - UK
Flotation modelling – South Africa 
gold Gold
Carbon-in-pulp plant – operational support
Gold refinery – waste stream recovery
Gold pressure leaching modelling 
vanadium Vanadium
Feasibility design 
zinc Zinc
Hydrometallurgical operation
Lead-zinc flotation – design for plant upgrade and refurbishment 
titanium Titanium
High-grade titanium project
Dump reclamation project 
iron Iron
Pigment-grade iron oxide plant 
cobalt Cobalt
Iron precipitation improvement study, DRC
Leaching upgrade study, DRC
Cobalt precipitation study, DRC
Battery-grade cobalt refinery 
nickel Nickel
Battery-grade nickel sulphate plant
Nickel pressure leaching
Nickel laterite process design 
lithium Lithium
Spent lithium-ion battery (LiB) recycling 
antimony Antimony
Novel antimony process